Thank you for stopping by Compojoom's demo site. We have been working hard bringing you the latest in technology for our components and your Joomla site. At any given time we are always adding more and more features. We keep our demo site updated with the most recent version of our components, and this gives you the chance to experience the latest features to see how your Joomla site will work with the component running. One of our main focuses is making our components work with virtually all Joomla sites. As we all know this is extremely impossible due to all the different variables that are involved with any given site. But that does not mean we stop there. We offer the highest quality customer support to make sure what ever issue if you run into one is taken care of efficiently and in a timely manner. We thank you for your support here at Compojoom and look forward to serving you.

Kind Regards,
Daniel Dimitrov
Lead Developer -


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